Absolute truth

    Just thinking, ego-intrinsic, emptiness-absolute. The Dharma marches on! I hope this post survives, I have no idea what obscurations lie hidden on my blog path.
    Zero Knight is cool and a fun read always. Latest post opens up a lot of fractals indeed. The Super Torch Ritual has more street creds now-the super bowl meteor folly hit the mark, Super Torch Ritual loves to future trip. The blog makes one wonder about our current reality, much like the stream of  the Secret Sun. Are we really about to see this  Atlantean  horror manifest?
    Dennis at the Illuminatus Observer is back to posting. This new post is a lesson not to be missed. Our English language is magic personified. Gematria is real old me thinks.
     I would like to give a shout out to the Blog roll of Raj's, Sync the Secret Sun and the Secret Moon. The blogs listed are all good venues. Check them out.
    No-thing but blue sky my friends. To shine forth is key! 87


Jack Heart said…
87... I tweeted the comments settings for Synchrodelic Atmosphere... hopefully this will fix any issues...
Jack Heart said…
Tweaked... damn auto spell check!

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