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Anons anoy!

When a person writes something they own it. Anonymous is to me a less than honorable/cowardly. Call me old fashioned, call me unreasonable, but that is how I feel. Many blogs in the synchromystic blog rolls are beset with too much anonymous comments. Some of them like on Merovee ( from England) have some anoys taking WAY too much space, often non-sensical prattle.
   Space discussions have been high-lighted on Tek-Gnostics and the Secret Sun. The amount of re-search that Chris Knowles presents in the Secret Sun is legion. I am a dedicated space cadet! Our Aussie synchro cadet, Darren, (Just watching the wheels go round) is also space bound.  Don't forget that Australia has some of the biggest space antenna's on the planet. ( What is going on out there?)
    Dharma talks at my local Gonpa here in Cottage grove are like diamonds on my windshield. Went to one last Thursday. So much to discern. So much to receive, so much to give. A song synched for me yesterday ( krvm-91.9 E…

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