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The age of the psychonauts is now.

Greetings synchromystics. The web is a wonderful place to seek gnosis. I found a great site. Eric Davis's long read of "In the age of the psychonauts". Psychotropic adventure, par excellence.
    The synchromystic in me is being activated. Mountains of wind will set my sails. Wind is key! The web is alive for all synchromystics. The Secret sun is consumed with the Siren and all the synchros/events.  How does one discern all the amazing synchros of the Secret Suns ritual fascination? Where is it leading us? Is there an end game?
    The Tek-Gnostic site is in deep with political concerns of late. If you are not anti-fa what the hell are you? There are good and decent people, with extreme concern about our country being hi-jacked by the extreme right/fascists. Listen to the wind, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.
    What fun reading the blog rolls of synchromystic.
    Someone needs to make a book (historical) about the blogs of the synchrognostic. Many s…

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