Are Synchromystics the next pre-cogs?

What a fun trip to Alien-con. Four days and three nights in the beautiful city of Pasadena California. Agenda- operation Alien-con. Jack Heart and I drove 11 hours from Southern Oregon in his Grandmas Ford station wagon. The synch log was three pages long when we landed in LA. With a keen sense of magical sigils along the way our  synchro speak was at peak awareness. Some synchs were immediate. Coming into southern California dry countryside I mentioned that the dry grasses could be a fire danger, lordee, lordee around a big bend in the High-way were hundreds of acers burnt to a crisp. 11-11's were ripe for awareness.
    The trip was pregnant with synchs, but when we sat downe in the marketplace of Alien-Con the mysterious Tek-Gnostic intelligence team was keen to all kinds of phenomena. The government spooks were present with camera's at the ready. Thousands of people were in attendance. Many tales of wonder and ( I've seen one too) tales of Alien show topics. I am just getting settled in at home. I will have more soon. Create peace! 87


  1. By the way, my Grandma was none too happy with the condition of her station wagon, when I returned it!


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