Learn to listen-Listen to learn.

Some people do it- some see right thru it- some wear pajamas if only they knew it. (FZ)

To contemplate my  synchronmystic existence is key lately. So many Synchs, numbers, books, art, Time.. Many moments of  introspection and clarity. With a hint at how to observe nature and the wholeness of the cosmos. It is as if I am close to being aware and awake. 

Symbolism is key. The key to understanding beauty is at hand. Shineforth brave  souls!

Many synch blog rolls are slow of late. Four of five new posts and weeks or months for other posts. One blog roll that is shining forth is Synch the Secret Sun and Secret Moon, that the poet Raj has hosted. Always a poetic adventure in his blog. Many other blogs of interest.

The garden is planted dear friends. - 87


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