Soul food !

Greetings to all synchromystics, I hope you enjoy the lead of Thievery Corporation. Set and setting is key...

My old tree planting buddy Jack Heart sent me a book that is a  masterpiece of all things synchronicities. It is written/collated by Znore at the site Groupname for Grapejuice. The book's name is quite a play with words, Death Sweat of the Cluster. It is a collection of notable essays Znore has gleaned from Grapejuice. I have read most of them. is a good reminder of the synchromystic brilliance most blogs present. Gnostic and synchronicity personified.. This is a must read imho, the web blog is a master piece of synchro's and well versed spiritual context. Thank you Jack Heart for a gift that is pure brain/soul food. 

To Shine forth is key. 87


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