Shine forth brave souls!

    Many good blogs to examine. 

     The Secret Sun is noir. Chris is painting a bleak picture and hard edges in his political views. Let the synchros speak .  Spandex mask, in black methinks. Nature walks and good air can be calming.

    Amid Night suns, Raj, is getting so good with his poetry. Take a walk with his blog. Tender heart light is visible. Word!

    Tek-Gnostics is discussing the mind f k of the Q madness. Such cults are dangerous me thinks.

    The Significance of R has a crafted tale for sure.

    I will listen to my heart and vote  from the heart. Politics for me starts and ends with ecotopia. Synchronicity is a tool we can fashion. The more you see the more you will see. These times are alive with synchs. Use them to bring some  meaning/love into your life. To all you synch heads-practice loving kindness every minute of every day, please stay aware and safe. - 87


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