Ship of fools

Greetings synchromystics,

Some days are just tough! Some people do it, some see right thru it, SOME WEAR PAJAMAS IF ONLY THEY KNEW IT!
     It is the political situation. Fascist energies are warping the fabric that makes America great.  Orwellian double speak. Lies and more damn lies. Right is wrong and left is right! Thank you all for listening to me rant. I will visit the webs synchromystic realm next post. Ship of fools!  Yours truly 87


  1. The ship of fools had to set sail because of promises made before. I get that. What I don't understand yet is why everybody wanted to sail as far as they could. What's the prize?

  2. It was later than I thought
    When I first believed you
    Now I cannot share your laughter
    Ship of fools...

    - R Hunter


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