Greetings synchromystics!

     The equinox yesterday marked 4240 hits on my blogger profile. One must understand the 424 is for me an immense synchronicity. 42 back and forth. The sun hits water mist at 42 degrees and creates a rainbow. In the Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to everything! I too am enamored with the 420 Ganja possibilities.
     My back was operated on, last Monday in Portland. If one fogs the mind one will stir the soul. I am amazed with the level of compassion/ loving kindness I received. One draw back is that the surgeons nicked my spinal area and I had to spend an extra day in a hospital bed. My pass time activity was filled with mantras, the one that resonated was Om Tara Tom Soha, an invocation to Tara,  of which I have an empowerment.
    Now I am back perusing all the synchromystic blog rolls.  What fun/gnosis. The sun of an occulted nature (Secret Sun) is up beat because Chris Knowles is just about done with his recent tome. It will be on my reading list for sure. Tek-Gnostics is re-introducing some pamphlets. Be sure to order them! The Super Torch Ritual is on another countdowne to the apocalypse. Merove/Frank  is of an introspective mood. The comments are always fun and friendly (a group well aware of each other). Group name for grape juice is back with a post. The blog owner is an amazing linguist. His posts are a joy to read. Every post is a jewel.
     Please comment and give me your take on some synchromystic blog posts. Several layers of my heart armor have been lifted. Realization is key. I take refuge in the Buddha(enlightenment), in the Dharma(the work) and the Sangha (community). Awake and aware, and willing to share! Shine forth brave souls! 87


Luna said…
I'm back, I'll let you off the hook for past mistakes.

I won't comment on the content of sync blogs because, honestly, I don't think I know enough to make clever comments on that. But I'll tell you what I think about style:

Secret Sun is my favorite sync blog. I like the attitude, I like the good mix of text and pictures and videos, I like that he updates often, I like that it's full of very interesting commenters.

What I like of Tek-Gnostics is the wonderful blog roll. Jack Heart must know most good sync sites on the Internet. His choices of pictures are wonderful, too. I don't like his tone so much. Not a problem with him being a hippy, just that he doesn't pull it off in a way that works for me. And his posts can be rather wordy. Shorter, more frequent posts would probably work better.

Super Torch Ritual is good, but it would be nicer if the content wasn't mostly premium. I only have public access. I know it's really difficult to make a good sync blog, and I don't have a problem with sites having a premium section, I just wish he made public posts a little more often. Also, it would be good if there were payment options for really paranoid people. The "about" section is really interesting, and I wish he put a little bit more explanation and gave more of his philosophical take on posts. I find his mix of wild optimism and wild semi-apocalyptic claims rather odd, but it doesn't put me off.

Merovee has a British take on things, which I really like. But it's totally dominated by pictures and videos, with very little text. I wish he wrote more stuff. The comments sometimes make things a little clearer, but most of the time they're just as cryptic. Secret Sun can be very cryptic too, but Chris always has something that the total newbie can hold on to.

I have seen Groupname for Grapejuice, but I don't understand what they're doing at all. Makes Merovee look rather accessible by comparison.

As for yourself, agent 87, I like your short posts. They're probably good subjects for meditation, though I only tried it once or twice - with unclear results. I'm just not that good at meditating. I think I'd like them better if you put a picture with them that connected with the post. You are good friends with Jack Heart, and his taste on pictures is excellent, so if you have any doubts, ask him.
Dennis/87 said…
Thanks Luna, it is good to get feed back! Some pictures in future posts, yes. 87

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