Greetings earthlings!

     Awake, aware, and willing to share.  Synchromysticism is always present for those with eyes to see. For me, it is a large part of my spiritual journey. Looking for meaningful coincidences is key. To discern what is important is also key. Sometimes the synchs are one after another. When they come immediately/ fast, it blows my mind. Are there any stories out there with multiple synchs in a row? When that happens I sometimes get emotional. So succinct. Perhaps one's intention is being resolved/evolved?  Pre cognition perhaps?
     The synchromystic blogs are pregnant with future tripping of late. The Super Torch is always looking ahead.The Secret Sun is still obsessed with the Pearly Dew Drops, Drops.  The dystopian outlook may be real. I have little time for the constant future tripping. Love and Compassion for our All sentient beings is desired. Om Tara Tom Soha.
     Keep synching brave souls. 87


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