Take me to where the music play

Synchromystics heads up! So here I am going to my sons property near Eugene Oregon, elephants every where! One on my sons designer baseball cap, one on the radio of John Lennon's post Beetle band Elephants memory, in my mind a synch of elephants extreme memory and the fact they mourn their dead. So I pass a  bus with Memory in big letters on the side, back to my mind and the elephant in the pantheon of  gods of Hinduism called Ganesh, a god of success . The synchs all pointed to Memory.  So much to learn/be aware of in this synchromystics existence. So let's pass this forward and continue the  heart/ brain interface of memory. Shine forth brave souls! 87


With your mention of Eugene Oregon and elephants I thought of a book called 'Elephant in the Dark ' by Eugene Yelchin and Mina Javaherbin.
"A strange beast has been moved into the Merchant's barn-and the villagers are dying of curiosity.
What does it look like?
The impatient villagers can't wait until morning to find out.
This well-loved story is based on a poem by the popular 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi.
The author, Mina Javaherbin, also from Iran, has translated and retold this from the original source-both of which can be seen in the back of the book!
Eugene Yelchin,Newbery Honor book author/artist of Breaking Stalin's Nose, has based his brilliant illustrations on Persian miniatures."
Jack Heart said…
Coincidentally... in the most recent post @ tek-gnostics.net, I inserted an illustration of an Elephant emerging out of the cosmos. Just below the picture, is the following...

"In the heat of game-play within our cosmic RPG …God temporarily forgets its true nature of oneness. This forgetfulness seems to span the entire cycle of Universe. Eventually, God awakens from the many dreams and fantasies and remembers its true identity, the one and eternal Self of the cosmos who is never born and never dies. At this moment, all that is… returns to the source. Thus Universe goes round… now advancing… now receding… for eternity."

Sync or what?
Dennis said…
Hey Jack, the elephant thing is much more that I have or could imagine. The memory meme is one to examine to the fullest extent. Walls will melt but memory is key. I am inspired to take memory and elephants as a significant key stone in my psyche. More will be revealed, for sure! 87
Dennis said…
Hey Darren, a strange beast this synchromysticism! 87

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