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Synchromystic evaluation

Greetings earthlings! The blog rolls are thick with fascinating essays.  The Secret Sun has every kind of  ritual working that the deep state is working on. It is a sordid tale to the maximums.  There are Sirens and Pearly do drops drop, alien intelligences, Satanic overlords, and a so much desolation.
     Synchromysticism is the phenomena of  the collection of synchronicities to psyche that lead to a meaningful and understood outcome. This blog is a my effort to train the mind  and make sense of it all. What is the synch and how does it lead to understanding/awareness. Synchromystics discern. A leads to b and c is the revelation/mystical working. The more synchs, the more synchs. I am aware of the multifarious cosmic workings. To be a synchromystic is to use coincidence of a meaningful nature and use the heart and brain to realization. Basically, I want to hear synchronicities and how they change one's life.
    Are synchronicities , happening for a reason? What is presented…

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