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Magical workings on Merovee web site

"Entangled" and "Ripples" - by Genesis. Listen to those songs and look into a mirror. Synchro mystic indeed. Another storm of synchs recently, what fun it is to notice the universe looking back at you. The left eye is the one to focus on me thinks. What communication happens with the left eye. Focus is key. The more synchronicities one see's the more you will see, truly a magical working!  Dennis spelled backwards is sinned, I found that out today, never occurred to me until today!  Word!  Not in a mood to talk web blogs much today. However, The Tek-Gnostic gospel is ever increasing and poignant. Some of the archives are like jewels on a lotus, one must read and inhale the zeitgeist.
   Loving kindness for all who read these words, 87

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